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Misc Illustrations - Click thumbnail to view

Mini Comics

Charlotte's Cat Vs. A Frog 2011


Mark at a party with Blake Sinclair

Giant Rhinos poster at a Reflux band practice

Drawings by friends

Drawing by Sarah Fogg www.sarahfogg.co.uk

Colouring Trades

Colouring trade with Mimi Evelyn creator of fruitmachine.smackjeeves.com

Colouring trade with En Gingerboom creator of thoseofnoclass.smackjeeves.com

Colouring trade with Rebecca Burgess creator of hemu.smackjeeves.com

I had a lot of fun doing these trades and I would love to do more. If you would like to do a comic colouring trade send an e-mail to sammyborras@gmail.com and I will send you a photoshop version of the same page