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Name: Mark

Fun Facts: Mark loves music. He loves to listen to radio as much as possible and his favourite band is the Giant Rhinos. He enjoys working in a place that sells music, games and film, but only when his brother Ed is not on the same shift.

Name: Ed

Fun Facts: Ed and his brother Mark are like chalk and cheese. From the way Ed acts people are often surprised by his achievements and talents. There is a rumour that Ed's behaviour wound up his old manager so much that he had to leave.

Name: Charlotte

Fun Facts: Charlotte loves chatting to her friends all the time. People find her easy to talk to and often turn to her when they are feeling down. She loves strategy games especially retro ones but often accidentally gets addicted. She is a bit of a technology geek.

Name: Alex

Fun Facts: Alex takes a lot of care over his appearance because of his insecurities. Sometimes people who don't know him mistake this for vanity. Alex has Spanish relatives and strangers have been known to slow down speech and talk louder. He can't speak a word of Spanish.

Name: Deo

Fun Facts: Deo has a degree in English Creative writing. He now works in the comic shop and reviews things on his blog.

Name: Josie

Fun Facts: ???